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We are here to help teens and young adults pursue their passions and grow their experience. Communicate directly with businesses and advocate for your future.

how internbright helps teenagers

Internbright connects teens directly to companies, allowing for better and easier communication. Its algorithm also provides teens with opportunities better suited to their interests and simplifies the internship application process. Users can find internships pertaining specifically to their hobbies, furthering their passions. Internbright's teen-specific portal guides teenagers to companies looking specially for them.

Résumé creation feature

Making your résumé can be a daunting task. However, it's no secret that having one makes applying for jobs and internships much easier. A good résumé will increase your likelihood of receiving an offer from a company. If you don't already have one, Internbright allows you to build your résumé in the website using its résumé builder. With different templates to choose from and prompts in case you're unsure of what to add, Internbright makes it easy to create a résumé that you are proud of.

More about internbright for students

According to a survey conducted amongst teens:

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70% find it hard to find an internship they are actually passionate about

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90% believe the internship process for teens needs to be easier

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66% believe there is a lack of connection between companies and teenagers

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