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​We are here to help businesses connect with young adults eager to learn and grow their experience. Communicate directly with today's youth and expand your company's potential. 

How InternbrightHelps Companies

Today's youth are vital additions to the business world, as they offer new talent and a fresh perspective on society. Now more than ever, teenagers and young adults are essential to companies. Through internships, they are able to offer their talents and skills. However, companies face the difficulty of being able to directly access teenagers. The connection between the two parties is lacking. Internbright helps bridge this gap and quickly and efficiently connects and matches potential interns with businesses.. 


Several of our unique features help simplify the internship employment process. Our advanced algorithm calculates the best people for each position, and efficiently filters the hiring pool. Not only that, we provide direct communication with our messenger feature and allow companies to connect with profiles of potential hirees.

See How We Can Best Help You!

Check out our plans & pricing page to see how Internbright can best meet your company's needs!

More about internbright for Employers

According to a survey conducted amongst companies :

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88% believe that talent acquisition from today's youth is important to their business    

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63% desire to have young interns  

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58% believe  teenagers are important for their company's brand awareness 

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